Flow. Photography is where dreaming meets doing, beauty meets strength, and energetic meets easy-going. It’s where you find the spontaneous dancing with the intended. Two opposites that blend together so well that they create a universe of their own.

Judy Kay and Wayne have danced through 33 years together. Some days, a bit unrefined and others the most graceful you'll ever see. If you've never believed in soulmates, these are the two to prove they exist.

Judy Kay has spent nearly 40 years behind the camera developing her own creativity. Over the past 8 years, she has photographed over 400 weddings and sessions all over the United States. In 2009, Wayne and Judy Kay joined forces to become the dynamic duo of wedding photography. Their intense love for people has continued to grow as they've witnessed true love on so many occasions.

In 2014, Judy Kay cast a vision for her business. She dreamed not only of partnering with like-minded individuals to bring together the perfect wedding packages, she also dreamed of traveling the World to witness true love wherever it flows. In 2015, Judy Kay made that dream a reality, Wayne supporting and encouraging her every step.

Flow. is it; It's when the magic happens. The moment that time doesn't exist and you are not you, you are your talent and your talent is you. Flow. is being in your element. Flow. is creating masterpieces. Flow. is following your passion until your passion consumes you.

Today, Judy Kay and Wayne take every opportunity to celebrate life and love. If having fun means making a fool of yourself, you can bet they'll always choose to have fun! Laughter is their passion; not just their own, but especially the laughter of others'.

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