What is your style?

The main goal of Flow. Photography is to capture not just the distinct soul, but the extraordinary spirit that flows from within. Flow. Photography focuses on capturing each client's individuality and portraying who they are. It is our mission to always capture unique photographs and never have two sessions that compare.


How long have you been in the Flow?

Founding Photographer, Judy Kay Bryan, has been a Professional Wedding Photographer since 2006. She has photographed over 500 weddings and sessions located throughout the United States of America. Wayne joined Judy Kay in 2009 and has shot at every wedding since. Flow. Photography has been 'in the works' for many years but was officially established in 2015 after Judy Kay expanded her vision to include foreign/international destinations, a growing team of photographers and other vendors.


Why is photography one of the most important vendors?

When your special day has come and gone, all you'll have left are the memories captured both by your heart and by ours hands. The flowers may wilt, the cake will perish, the people will pass, but only the memories will last. Flow. Photography aims to make those memories tangible and linger for decades upon decades. We understand just how important the little things are and we vow to collect all the details and candid moments that make your day as unique as you are!

What cameras and equipment do you use? 

Our preferred cameras are Nikon and computers are Macintosh. We use the finest and most updated equipment on the market. We shoot at least 4 cameras, each with a different lens, on your special day in order to capture photographs with a wide variety of creativity.

Who are your Associate Photographers?

On top of our passion for creativity, all of Flow.'s photographers have strong working relationships.  Each Associate Photographer is interviewed, researched and hand-picked by the Founding Photographer to insure client satisfaction and company standards are met. We are happy to introduce you to your photographer prior to your shoot.

How many images do you shoot at weddings? How many will we receive?

On average, our photographers shoot 3,000+ images for an 8 hour wedding, and edit them down to approximately 1,500-2,000 images.

How soon will we receive our images?

Flow. Photography's passion is creativity. We are NOT batch-edit photographers. EVERY image you receive will be individually enhanced and edited. We pride ourselves on our extraordinary flare for uniqueness, however, *our* perfection takes time! The minimum time frame is at least 90 days. We understand your eagerness to share your day with friends and family, so you will receive an online gallery of 50-100 selected images the week after your wedding.